Friday, April 2, 2010

Spread the Trash Talk!

Just a Friday quickie to provide a link to Heal The Bay's new "Trashed" website. It's an interactive site that shows causes, effects, facts and other details about plastic pollution in the ocean. HTB wants to raise awareness about the problem and how we can help - "spread the trash talk" as they put it - and they'd love your help.

The site is great for kids (of all ages!) - plus it's got "widgets & banners" that you can dress up your own website/newsletters/blogs and Facebook/MySpace accounts with, in order to help get the word out about the plastic pollution problem that's "trashing" our ocean. The website even provides a way to "trash your friends and family". Hmmm...(raised eyebrow)...could make for an interesting weekend.

Take a moment to visit the 'normal' Heal the Bay website too. They are good friends of ours, do great work...they "get it". ;)

Pau hana!!