Friday, April 23, 2010

Anti-Plastic Hero-ess

I saw her on TV last week (while she was choosing her prom dress) talking about how her Los Angeles-area Environmental Charter High School is reacting to being named one of six finalists on Obama’s “Race To The Top” grant competition.

I met her in person at a Rise Above Plastics event in Los Angeles last fall (and thought she was one of the teachers…but is actually a senior at the high school).

She even has her own website.


She has been identified as one of the top Ten Anti-Plastic Heroes by the Huffington Post!

Her name is Jordan Howard, she's a Rise Above Plastics activist, and though she’s only 18, I’d say keep an eye on her as she’s probably gonna be your boss someday. Don’t worry, you could do muuuuuch worse.


Vote for ECHS in Obama's Race To The Top here.