Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Free water!

Surfrider’s Rise Above Plastics campaign was originally named, for about 5 minutes, “Ban the Bottle!!!”, because the root rage that initiated the program was centered on those insipid, ubiquitous, clear-plastic, single-use bottles. The larger problem of ALL plastics in the environment quickly widened the scope of the campaign to encompass the entire problem – BUT the bottles remain a failure of both manufacturing ingenuity (unless you profit from selling the d***n things) and ocean health.

From the Of Course It’s A Great Idea folder, a newish org called TAPIT is endeavoring to build, grow and make known a network of retail establishments that allow and encourage you to come by and refill your reusable water bottle. Already in twelve states and the District of Columbia, their website lists the simple particulars for joining the network and advertising the businesses that offer the free water. All that and…aTAPIT iPhone app too, for those moderne guys & gals seeking refills on-the-go.

Best yet – the TAPIT people offer the service for FREE, and the loose set of guidelines (straight tap water, filtered water, free water, nominal-charge water, etc, etc.) are an easy fit for any business that wants to participate.

Take time to check the site for your city, and if it’s not listed, go the extra step to approach your favorite restaurants/shops about joining the network. You could become the TAPIT RAPit Rep for your ‘hood!

Ban The (single-use plastic) Bottle, baaaby!