Friday, October 29, 2010

Suck 'Em Up!

Remember that old 70's Island saying? You can still find that salutation on a thrift store T-shirt now and then, but...I digress (and this is just the second sentence of the blog entry)...

Where was I? Indeed! Sorry for the couple-week layoff - lotsa work, a birthday and a few stitches to the hand can keep a blogger away - so let's get back to it!

This is a FRIDAY QUICKIE, and it's noteworthy nonetheless - get this: a vacuum cleaner made with beach trash - FUN! (what?)

OK, straight away, give the eco-friendly & super-hip folks over at Electrolux's Desgin Lab a slap on the back for bringing attention to the plastic-filled gyres in our oceans! The Swedish household electronics company has been doing their best to be trend-setting earth-huggers and this idea is curious, fun and, well, the units look good too!

But...a vacuum cleaner made, not really out of beach trash, but made with beach trash already in it - not exactly a vacuum pre-loaded with trash (not too forward-thinking...), can this be described...? [click image for larger view]

Aw just go take a look, it is been named by Electolux the "Vac From The Sea", freshly unveiled this week - we've found several articles on it:

Here's one from Fast Company.

From the online rag, Gizmag.

The source itself - Electrolux's VacFromTheSea website, where you can read all about Plastic Karma....Ohhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Suck 'em up!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Plastic Disclosure Project

Initiated by the Clinton Global Initiative, this effort aims to track corporate plastic usage, creation and management, toward offering investors more information in making better-informed investment decisions.

Another aim of the effort is to help (re)direct corporations into leading "examined lives", in which they can better understand how their actions (manufacture) create reactions (plastic trash)...and how they can continue in business and be kinder partners of the earth.

At least that's what I think is going on with this initiative! You can read all about it here and reach your own conclusions!! The story is on the GreenBiz website - explore it a bit for more related news.