Friday, April 9, 2010

One Man's Trash...

…is another bird’s ‘treasure’? Check THIS out:

In Portland Oregon (in the midst of a bag ban effort), an American Redtailed Hawk couple has set up their nest (with eggs!) in a fire escape balcony adjacent to one of the local TV news company’s traffic cams. The station, in association with the local Audubon Society, has trained the cameras on the nest, and offers a live cam view of the birds' nesting tasks.

This week, one of the hawks brought a plastic shopping bag trash item up to the perch for use as nesting material. You can check it out in a photo with a bit of narrative or view a slideshow of the action. So far, they haven’t eaten it – so far – but keep your fingers crossed for a healthful familial outcome. ;)

Happy Friday!