Thursday, April 30, 2009

Plastic Wave By Kathleen Egan

Thanks to Jim for making us aware of this awesome video!

The Plastic Wave from Mark Lukach on Vimeo.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Boss Bag Vid

Our friends in San Fran ( ) have developed a neat-o anti-bag video that you just HAVE TO SEE...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Edmonds, WA the next Bag Ban Leader

Check this news clip out. Edmonds, WA city leaders voted unanimously to direct staff to draft a ban on plastic bags within city limits. Who seems to be the only opposition? The ever-present American Chemistry Council. Even store owners support the ban. It makes economic and environmental sense... way to go Edmonds.

Here's the cool thing - the city leaders voted on this after a 20 minute presentation from Algalita Marine Research Foundation's Anna Cummins and Dr. Marcus Eriksen who have just begun their JUNKRIDE. Giving away 100 samples of the plastics riddled N Pacific Gyre to educators and organizations, they are cycling from Vancouver to Tijuana giving talks to raise awareness about the problem of plastic pollution.

And clearly, it's working... Ride on Anna and Marcus!

Monday, April 6, 2009

RAP Style Line - Tattoo U!

We thank Vickie McMurchie (left) for being the first progressive soul to sport a custom RAP tattoo... The tattoo was created by Surfrider CEO/Closet Artist Jim Moriarty. His bio says he's an "innovator" and well, ya gotta admit - it's a good look!

Vickie is the
Community & Events Manager at Surfrider Global Headquarters in San Clemente, and I bet this accessory has only added to her innate ability to engage and entertain anyone within a 30 meter radius. She's got that gift - and now wears her RAP colors on her sleeve...literally.

Next on the catwalk (right) we have
St├ęphane Latxague, the "Directeur"/CEO of Surfrider Foundation Europe, sporting the Franco-Euro version of the now-popular RAP skull & cross botts - note the 'au courant' chapeau touch! This design also floated out of the active mind of Mr. Moriarty. Fantastique!

Get yours today (or use a Sharpie like JM) and Rise Above! [...and however you'd say that in Francais...!]

So Dang Clever...but missing the point.

Put your finger in the dike and the water/brain-belches squirts out somewhere else. File this one in the "Half-as-clever-as-they-see-themselves" circular bin... So we've established that plastics are bad - bad for you and bad for the environment, so the near-clever product specialists at bottled water companies are finding new and comical ways to sell you something (water) that you can get otherwise for free...

Aquafina has plans to produce bottles with 50% less plastic - will that make them 50% less visible as they sit in my local gutters or float around in the North Pacific Garbage Patch? Another company is so semi-clever that they have outsmarted us all by selling water in cartons! Dang, finally someone has created the ultimate product...which I believe is conventionally un-recyclable...and features one of my plastic pet peeves, an instant-trash plastic cap where a foldable top will work juuuust fine. Back to the drawing board, Einsteins!

Read about this amazing progress here!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Bottled-Water Zombies - OUT'D!

BOTTLE SHOCK: Just finished my garbanzo (excellent word - I wish ma woulda named me that) bean soup lunch, so it's time to POST! This article is a couple of weeks old, but anything from GOOD mag is, well, good if not just plain extra-special - and it can serve as kind of a FAQ for those of us that are trying to understand the appeal of the gotta-have-a-single-use-plastic-bottle-on-me-at-all-times trend/phenom/addiction/attack-on-the-environment. See item #4 for an idea for a business contraption that might land you some stimulus bux...then see item #10 for the reason that you are too smart to fall into lockstep with the SUP bottle brigade.

The answers are all here - it's "Bottle Shock", so CHECK IT OUT!

YUKK: Another oddball thing I found out on the internet(s) is a new bottled water called YUKK. Cant wait to choke me down some of that tasty stuff - mmmm, good! Now maybe I'm misunderstanding this or maybe it's some sort of sick (not the good kind of 'sick') Aussie April Fools prank - and I'm still trying to reconcile the limited product line of organic coffee and bottled water, but Mom always did say that I've had "too much to think", so I'll leave it to you to figure out...

So, have at it and do your YUKK-y figuring here.

Have a great weekend!