Monday, March 21, 2011

What Inspires?

This one kinda surprised me – reading a recent interview with Nick Denton, known for his family of irreverent and often snotty blogs (gawker, gizmodo, wonkette, fleshbot, etc), I found some inspiring words that neatly lend themselves to environmental activism.

In commenting on an “inflexibly idealistic” colleague of his, he was quoted with, “[people like that] never succeed. And you don’t need to indoctrinate a whole other generation of people to lead frustrated lives.” He finishes the thought with, “I don’t see what the point is [for any pursuit] unless you succeed at what you’re doing. I don’t have a huge amount of time for noble failure.”

Noble Failure
, indeed. Who's got time for that? Let’s keep that to a minimum in our single-use plastics abatement schema! How do we boost our success rate at Surfrider?? We use a campaign planning worksheet to plot our moves to counter “urban tumbleweeds”, plastics in our oceans and that nasty, ubiquitous Styrofoam Scourge. The worksheet focuses us to identify our campaign adversaries, allies, short/mid/long-term goals, costs, etc, etc – it’s the magic pill in staunching off them Noble Failures.

Above all, remain flexible in your idealism – and - If you are involved with Surfrider, ask your local chapter leaders about obtaining the campaign planning worksheet – and FILL IT OUT to plan your attack! If you are not yet involved with Surfrider, hitch your wagon to this foundation (now celebrating 150 Victories!), get active and start your Noble Successes here & now! BOOM!