Monday, March 7, 2011

New RAP Czar!

He was once crowned “Lifeguard of the Year” in Rehoboth Beach Delaware. Enviable!

He has been an activist, professional environmentalist, and more officially, the Chapter Coordinator for the San Diego chapter of Surfrider, the largest Surfrider Foundation chapter in the known universe. BOSS!

He was in the room the day that Rise Above Plastics was conceived six (or so) years ago. (Along with Stefanie Sekich, Alan Honadle, Belinda Smith AND Julia Chunn, among other heavy hitters.) He’s got the bug!

Every wave comes to him when he’s out surfing, even the cr@ppy ones – and he catches ‘em all, rides ‘em all, somehow w/o snatching any of yours. Nicely bizarre…or bizarrely nice!

I THINK I heard him cuss…twice, in the seven years we’ve been friends. RARE!

He got married on my birthday (odd, but true). I’ll probably remember his anniversary better than he will!

He calls “PLASTIC FANTASTIC!” on me when he catches me with some item of unavoidable plastic trash (the kind you can only avoid if you live in a cave – and never leave). Punk!

His hair is SUPER surfy! He could make a pillow from the spoils his annual haircut (but not a pillow that you’d actually want)!

I think he owes me $10. PUNK!

He is my friend.

Now…he is the new RAP Czar (I’m not sure HQ has named the role yet), taking over for Surfrider Legal Maven/Temptress/Oracle Angela Howe, Esq., who’s now got room on her plate for all of that other stuff stacking up on her desk that her boss has been yelling at her about. CONGRATZ!

His name is Bill Hickman.

Expect Surfrider’s Global Rise Above Plastics campaign to RAMP UP -->to-the-max<-- from here on out. So, join us as we continue to “kick @ss and take initials” – we don’t have time for names!

Watch this space for future blog entries from the very dewd himself – OK!