Monday, March 14, 2011

Forked Tongues... and =======> GO OREGON!

A couple of recent articles in finds the plastics industry’s fork-ed tongue flashing with great agitation and directionless floppery. One article tells of the sorry state of recycling for plastic bags, sheeting and “films”, while another has “stupid plastics” (my quotes) single-use-plastic-bag-producer Hilex Poly telling us, via their vapid bag-the-ban “campaign”, that we can easily recycle our way out of the worldwide plastic bag trash problem.


You may remember Hilex as a source of much of the cash that was dumped into the wide-open, money-stained, overfed jowls of California and Seattle politicians in successful efforts to stop recent bag ban efforts in those places. Seems that the only thing successfully being recycled is the $$$ that orbits back and forth between lobbyists and ‘electeds’ when grassroots movements aimed at improving American and international life need a good quashing in favor of “jobs”. Our Oregonian Surfrider brethren (and sistren) are battling these nimrods right now over the proposed state-wide bag ban. Do what you can to help ‘em beat down whack plastics, check in on these chapter sites – they are each calling out for RAP volunteers: Newport, Portland & Siuslaw. GO NOW!! [Read the heinous article & get fired-up about Oregon's proposed STATEWIDE BAG BAN.]

Disclaimer: Though recycling is one of our few current tools to stem the flood of single-use plastics into our unsuspecting world, I, for one, feel that if I have gotten to the point where I need to recycle a single-use plastic item, I have failed by acquiring that item in the first place. The plastics industry hypes recycling as the “solution” to the disposal problem that they have neatly assigned to us – it has somehow become our problem to dispose of the waste of their manufacturing process. It’s flat bass-ackwards…and it fails to address the root problem (the long life of single-use plastics), while instead only directing attention to easing just the symptom (trash on our beaches, plastics in our ocean, dead sea life and jacked-up food chains) – the very thing that makes junkies junkies.

I know, kinda heavy, but DANG – it’s a war out there...