Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Shift

Surfrider is working hard. We are all working hard.
We know the problems. We know the solutions.

Our job is to overcome the obstacles to the solutions. Figuring out the problem is the easiest part. Figuring out the solution isn’t much more difficult. The obstacles? Ah…now we’re on to something. Something nebulous and nasty…and not too sensible.

The obstacle to EVERY environmental problem solution is societal - based in politics and economics, rather than, well, common sense. What happened to common sense? It fell by the wayside, kicked to the curb by convenience and greed. You can also factor in strident media and belief manipulation…complicated by selfish litigation to force the wasteful status quo.

The Shift. How do we do it? How do we push society back to the sunny, sensible side? Uhmmm…strident media-and-belief manipulation, along with selfless litigation to force a shift in the status quo? Sounds good, though lacking in creativity? The envious bottom line is that our arguments and goals are based in reality and common sense. We want the world to work the way that makes sense - and that means that we want the world to work in ways in which it originally presented itself to us VS the way we have made it fit and feed our inconsiderate society.

Sounds like a lot to ask? Nope –