Friday, January 14, 2011

New DC Bag Fee Numbers

The latest post-bag-ban/fee numbers are in on Washington DC's year-old legislated bag-reduction effort. This report is from Julie Lawson, one of the local DC Surfrider Superstars there:

"Good article out today from the AP about the sustained reduction in bag use in DC since our 5-cent fee was implemented a year ago. Through the end of November, the city has collected $1.9 million from the fees, meaning about 55 million bags were distributed in our city of 600,000.

Compare to 270 million bags used each year before the fee. That's a 78 percent decrease.

Sessions in Maryland and Virginia start next week. We have a lot of momentum in Maryland with our Trash Free Maryland campaign. Virginia has two bag fee proposals up for consideration--5 cents and 20 cents

Work it! Work it!