Monday, January 3, 2011

More Califonia Bans!

San Clemente (the home of Surfrider Headquarters), Marin County (near San Fran) AND Arcata (waaaaay north) have "jubilantly" and "enthusiastically" adopted various plastics bans over the last month. I hate to say "I told ya so!" Sacramento, but...

Marin voted 4-0 (that's right, four-to-ZERO) to ban plastic bags and charge for paper ones. Boom! Done! Read about it here.

Arcata is going forward with work on an EIR (environmental impact report...a fallout requirement of the plastic's industry's "environmental" lawsuit to stop plastic bag bans), and they are doing this within a strict timeline to ensure that the a plastic bag ban is instituted quickly and efficiently. The city is making this determined move in reaction to the failure of AB 1998 (Statewide ban effort)...ya see, it's really happening. Great quote from Jim Test of Humboldt Waste Management Authority, "”It will be a lot of fun tweaking the plastic industry's nose". Bravo to the Humboldt Surfrider Chapter!! Read about it here.

"It's everywhere!" says Surfrider's trend-setting South Orange County chapter's chairman Rick Erkeneff, speaking of the polystyrene sprawl in San Clemente. It can only help your cause when one of your city council people has discovered styrofoam pieces in a fish that he personally caught - sad, but true. "What was the vote tally there?" you ask ==> 5-0 thankyouverymuch (yes, again, five-to-ZERO). BOOM! DONE! Read about it here.

The beat goes on!