Monday, May 17, 2010

Shocking Plastics Video

Beware: this is a tough one to start you week with…you may instead want to come back in a couple of days to see it – but it will strengthen your resolve against plastic pollution. Along with production footage from a plastics factory, images of long-chain plastic molecules and music by Queen, this high-quality video starts out with a few gruesome clips of animals meeting their demise eating and tangled in single-use, and other kinds of, plastics.

An ugly reality, but ya know, this is the reality that we are facing as the natural world collides head-on with our cast-off plastic garbage.

It’s the reality that drives us here at Rise Above Plastics. It’s the reality that lies at the core of all of the plastic bans that we push legislators to foster and pass. It’s the reality that fuels the rage against selfish plastics manufacturers that urge us to recycle our way out of this problem as they make their tidy profits. It’s the reality that will only get worse if we idly sit by and watch it all happen. It’s the reality that needs to be seen by all to confirm that it really is happening – forward it freely and get with the Rise Above Plastics movement!!!!

With that proper warning, here is “Our Today is Forever”.

The associated YouTube page lists a number of other plastics-related videos of note.

Have a Single-Use Plastics-free week!