Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Oceans Lobby Day in Sacto

As previously detailed in this blog, California State is considering a bill to curtail all single-use bags at retail outlets (AB1998) and the Clean Seas Coalition has organized a number of environmental groups (Surfrider, Heal the Bay, etc) for a “lobby day” up in Calif’s state capitol in Sacramento. It’s today…so you can only imagine the free lunches (“there is no such thing as a free lunch”) and the large-denomination bills changing hands (our meager bank accounts do not allow us to afford this kind of “influence”), and full-tilt AcTiViSm (that’s US!) carpeting the city there today.

Among the influencers is Surfrider’s Sara Bayles – not only an Oceana “Ocean Hero” award winner, but she’s also the creator and author of The Daily Ocean blog – check it out, she is keeping a 365-day log of daily beach cleanups that she’s conducting in Los Angeles beaches…so far: day 121, 483 lbs, 244 days to go.

Her site is packed with beach garbage photos and videos – and ya know what – she’s good at talkin’ trash too!