Friday, May 21, 2010

BPA Avalanche

I followed my own advice after yesterday's BPA/EPA post, and JEEZ - seek a little information about BPA (and we’re not talking about the British Parachute Association) and you'd better get ready for the flood gates to open on you. A little poking around unearthed these verrrrry interesting items:

==> Business is more worried about their $$$ than your health. Pushback, Baby, Pushback!

==> Two states have already banned BPA and a Senator from California has proposed banning it across the country. Ban the BEEP!

==> Canada and Denmark were the first countries to blanket-ban this toxic chemical in food containers...the dominoes are starting to fall... Dominoes!

==> Consumer reports finds BPA in most all tin-can liners – including organic products AND cans labeled as “BPA Free”. That just ain’t right.

It's definitely info to keep an eye on, and the list is ennnndlessss, fer sher…but don’t let it ruin your weekend – try parachuting, it may be safer than drinking from a plastic bottle!!