Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sign of the Times!

Well…let us all take credit for this one – we are changing society. I shot this photo outside of a single location of the “largest food retailer in Southern California” – this sign ain’t just posted outside the hippy-dippy organic coop (where I normally shop!). This is a big deal: you cant drive more than about five miles around this area without seeing one of their 400 locations – and they are telling their customers to remember their reusable bags – Chido, SWEEET & Bravazo!!

We are talking about a nice big shift in thinking at the retail level about the problem of single-use plastics. (I’ve protected the store’s name, so that the very un-neighborly American Chemistry Council doesn’t cause any trouble for them…and you know they would.)

It’s true that every time I go to the grocery store, I see more and more people bringing their reusable bags,. So (y)our message is sinking in…it’s just taking time… So keep on setting a fine example at restaurants, hardware stores, department stores and even thrift stores (though the latter is a great place to get reusable bags for CHEEP!) – places other than a grocery store that still dispense plastic bags.

Even my mom even remembers to take her bags out of the car when she shops, so times they are a-changin’ – NICE!