Friday, January 15, 2010

Aveda Caps Program Still Collecting!

This reminder from our Rhode Island correspondent, Kira Stillwell, whose daughter, Bryn, attends Narragansett Elementary School. They are throwing down a challenge to other schools to see who can collect the most voluminous heaps of plastic bottle caps.

The school sent the following message home with their students recently: "Imagine the impact on this recycling effort when thousands of schools across the country participate! This program educates students (and families) and underscores the importance of positive change, as well as our responsibility for taking care of our environment. It empowers us all to stimulate change on a local and national level. Beyond the benefits to environmental conservation, it teaches us that when we work together with a common purpose, we can effect change!"

Hot-diggety - therez finally some lernin' goin' on at them schools!!

AND, that message is resonating - so far they have three large bulging bags of caps in the school lobby, with the goal of filling the space with forty more. Getting this type of awareness tattoo'd into pre-teen synapses is of utmost importance, as it can build lifelong understanding and appreciation of the impact we have on the environment, inadvertently, just by our everyday use of otherwise-innocuous items like bottle caps.

Not all caps are candidates for this recycling program, so please take the time to visit the Aveda website to view the particulars and download goodies like nature-with-bottle-caps images suitable for coloring...AWRIGHT!

Bravo Bryn, Kira and NES!!!