Wednesday, January 27, 2010

5 Gyres - Stiv Wilson Update #1

Stiv Wilson, Surfrider "Ambassador", Portland (Oregon) activist, and Wend Magazine editor, is traveling with Anna Cummins and Marcus Eriksen (yes, of Algalita, JunkRide AND Junk Raft fame!) on their Atlantic leg of the 5 Gyres quest for sea-going plastic waste.

Starting near Bermuda's infamous triangle, they are sailing northward to study plastic waste accumulations in areas other than the now-well-documented North Pacific Gyre.

Stiv is slated to issue periodic updates during the trip, and this first one comes to us as a link to the dispatch on the Wend Mag website. Just looking at the above photo tells part of the sure to read the rest - and stay tuned for more updates as the voyage continues...

As the olde saying goes: "I know of a cure for everything: salt water... Sweat, tears, or the salt sea." AAAARRrrrggghh!