Monday, June 29, 2009

Plastic Bags Win Again! #1 Pollution Item!

Congratz to plastics (again)! This article from an Aussie news source fingers (mainly) plastic bags as the #1 item littering our ocean environment. They also finger reusable plastic bags as a start for a SIMPLE solution...long in the making.

San Diego RAP update: Last year, two of our local County Supervisors, Pam Slater-Price and Greg Cox, showed their understanding of the plastic bag plague by giving our chapter enough money to distribute thousands of quality recycled-cotton-made-in-USA reusable bags in their districts. We passed out the final 600+ yesterday in Imperial Beach! More good news: we just heard that we may be getting more money for this specific use in the next month or so. WOOT! See if your local "electeds" have any similarly-expendable bux for your campaign - the oceans will thank you, and so will the bag-receiving constituents!!