Monday, November 17, 2008

Now Packaged With Less Plastic!

In preparing for an upcoming trip I decided I needed some more memory cards for the camera. Costco has the best prices, but I dreaded facing the ubiquitous bulky plastic packaging that comes with buying anything small at Costco. But instead of a huge blister pack with a tiny memory card inside, I found a cardboard placard that I took to the checkout. From there I took my receipt and the placard to Merchandise Pickup and got my memory cards. Much to my pleasant surprise, they were packaged in a small paper packet with only a small plastic window. When I got home I noticed that the lack of plastic was intentional. See photo below: "Now packaged with LESS PLASTIC."

One of our goals with RAP was to find ways to reduce plastic packaging, which is so wasteful and unnecessary. Bravo to SanDisk for taking that step with their products. As I tell people, vote with your dollars, and buy products with the least amount of packaging. Here is a great example!