Saturday, May 24, 2008

We're being watched... (good)

I was cruising around the blogosphere and found "" It's "A weblog about the global plastics industry news, businesses trends and markets". 

Soooo, it's an industry blog. It's a "Please don't rise above plastics" blog.

The post that caught my eye was "Some blogs to watch" where they list this blog.

We're being watched. 

Um... excellent.

We want the "global plastics industry news, business trends and markets" to know that we are collectively NOT satisfied with the state of affairs. In fact we demand alternative practices, products and use. We are not anti-plastic per se we are anti-single use plastic. We do not accept that a person should go to the store and buy something... like a bottle of water in single-use plastic (that will be used for 15 minutes but last forever) and then have the cashier put the bottle into a... plastic bag (that will get used for 4 minutes but last forever). 

This is not acceptable. 

It's not acceptable because we don't want our collective legacy to our children to be that of single-use plastics landfills and plastic soup islands. 

Please keep watching us. Listen to what we're saying. I'm guessing your children will be, if they aren't already, saying the same thing. This isn't an "us versus them" mentality as we all use plastics at some level... but it is an "us versus them" mentality when we're fed silly marketing campaigns like the Poland Spring water one above.

We're talking about the earth here... we're not just talking about "industry news, business trends and markets".