Tuesday, May 27, 2008

How's Your Aspen?

The Aspen Times has a piece about a healthy competition between Aspen and Telluride, Colorado.
But starting this weekend, a plastic bag contest aims to up those numbers. Sponsored by the Community Office of Resource Efficiency (CORE) in Aspen and Sheep Mountain Alliance (SMA) in Telluride, the contest pits the two towns against each other. But it pits everyone against the plastic bag.

In both towns, grocers have promised to donate 5 cents to a green fund for each purchase or use of a reusable bag. The fund will finance a yet-to-be-determined environmental project within each community. The community that raises the most money, per capita, between Memorial Day weekend and the Fourth of July wins.

The loser must purchase two solar monitor sets for the winning municipality’s public school system.

“Seriously, I think we can make a good start on bag blight with this project,” said Aspen Mayor Mick Ireland.

Telluride Mayor Stu Fraser thought locals would buy into the friendly competition between the two towns — “both touted as green mountain communities.”
Nothing like a healthy competition to get community inspired and informed!