Friday, April 1, 2011

More Jack Johnson Action!

Honolulu hosted the NOAA Marine Debris Conference last week and you can imagine the interactions going on there between the anti-single-use plastics activists (us!) and the single-goal (money, Money and more MONEY!) plastics producers (the ACC!) - well, I have a couple of nice zingers on that front: one from the conference closing ceremony ("Exhibit A") and one that was coughed up ("Exhibit B") in response to Exhibit A after the conference.

Exhibit A: Oahu local Jack Johnson, long supporter of cleaner oceans, and BIG advocate of rethink, reduce, reuse, and well, stapling things, got the coveted closing minutes of the conference to sing a new song about aliens, pyramids and plastics (sorry about the FB link...shot by Wayne Sentman, this one is not yet available for embedding):

Facebook link to Jack Johnson's NOAA conference-closing tune (:41).

Exhibit B: Also, seizing on the super-mod, hip & trendy Twitter application, the super-mod, hip & trendy American Chemistry Council, which had a strong presence at the NOAA conference (and whom apparently now own computers...?), up-chucked this gem of a tweet (as reported by RAP superstar Nicole Parisi-Smith):

Jack Johnson must not have a dog. Lol. 90% of people reuse their plastic bags. They're not "bad" just recycle what you don't use. #5IMDC (link)

Oh gawd, whatevahhhz...Still not gettin' it, ACC - but for future reference, guys, you may not get that Mid-East-revolution style surge from Twitter that you may be expecting if the best you can do is bad-mouth one of the most popular global performing stars of the last ~10 years..."lol" (do people still use that?) indeed!

It's pau hana, so a hui hou malama pono everybody!!!

PS - below is a different vid of Jack from the same ceremony - just missing the part where the Kokua kids shout, "BE FANTASTIC, DON'T USE PLASTIC!", ahem, lol.