Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Recycling Myths 4 U

I'm sure you've heard this "argument": "It's OK to buy those plastic water bottles, because, I RECYCLE THEM!" (Usually followed by an unvocalized "YAY 4 ME!"...) The concept in our heads - as placed there, to a large extent, by plasti-manufacturers - See: Misconception #5! - versus the reality of what actually happens to stuff you toss into a recycling bin are separated by a wiiiide-a** gap.

FunFact/Misconception #2: "Curbside collection will reduce the amount of plastic landfilled". Plastic items don't come back as those same items. Those that actually make it into a recycling bin (and truly end up at a plastics renderer...) come back as un-recylable stuff...so they end up in the dump (or your surf break) eventually...

Find this helpful & informative list here - SEVEN Misconceptions About Recycling and FIVE Strategies to Reduce the Environmental Impact of Plastics. Pretty slick - show it to your parents (no matter your age)!

Today was a good day at my local break - One CapriSun (the Devil's drink) mylar 'pouch', one Pooh toy part, a plastic shopping bag, and a couple of bottle caps. Yesterday was GnArLyer: One CapriSun (the Devil's drink) mylar 'pouch' [I guess I didnt get them all this day], Two water bottles, one full (though empty) Happy Meal set, some unhappy plastic toy parts, one 'travel-size' shampoo bottle several plastic straws, and four bottle caps...all gathered on my short walk from the water to the parking lot - maybe 60 yards of beach to traverse - and this was AFTER the city's "beach-grooming" contraption had made its passes. D'ya see why we have a problem with plastics around here? DAMN!