Saturday, March 20, 2010


So…though recycling is a last resort to the true ‘enviro’, it is nice to have the option, nonetheless. Take a look at the plastic bottle in the photo. This is an anti-recycling, convenience-enhancing (like nearly all items that later become litter blight) oddity of manufacture.

Can we recycle it as is? Ya know, the whole numbered-plastics thing is confusing enough to general consumers, much less to the dedicated greenie. Couple that with the problem that clear-plastic PET bottles that are tossed into the recycling bin with their polypropylene caps still screwed on can “ruin” an entire load of otherwise homogeneous #1/#2 recyclables. So what do ya do with this “new & improved” thing? What the h*** is the green part made of? Is it recyclable? Do I have to risk my life removing the green part with a box cutter first? Is it worth the hassle?

Conclusion: confusing piece of junk! Just when John Q. Public is getting the hang of identifying what is and what aint recyclable, this monstrosity comes along. Thank you to the always spunky, enterprising and erstwhile plastics manufacturers!

A good friend of mine is a tattoo artist that refers to now-‘au populaire’ neck tattoos as “job-stoppers” – now, in that same light, we see this kind of bottle, with its own green neck tattoo-esque attachment/appliqué, as a Recycle-Stopper. Vote with your dollars – if you must buy something in a plastic bottle, smartly avoid this kind of dopey amalgam!