Monday, February 15, 2010

Not Recycling Creates Jobs!

This pretzelagic (new word) revelation from the governor of Delaware – in a hackneyed attempt to show his brain-power and fix the economy, the gov’nr showed his lack of forethought by proposing to ‘can’ the current Delaware container refund law (which, BTW, does not even include aluminum can recycling, estimated to be ~50 of all recyclable containers).

His solution alternative: call the fee a tax, and reduce it from 5 cents to 2 cents per container - YAY! Hmmm...we're having trouble following the logic, but it is Monday after all...must be that new 'fuzzy math', yes? Perhaps calling for a recall of himself would create more jobs?

Lucky for us and Mother Earth, super-thinkers like Melissa Dombrowski, Chair of the Surfrider Foundation’s Delaware Chapter, are advocating for a needed expansion of the current law…versus its elimination/evisceration…and the associated creation of all of those jobs (wink) and the associated eventual robust return of the economy (wink-wink).

Try to make sense of it all here. Sic ‘em Melissa!