Monday, September 14, 2009

SUPS are Rubbish...!

That is the provocative title of the article that I was lucky enough to have published in the back-page "Agree to Disagree" guest-author section of the current Surfer's Path mag. Head to your local news stand to check it out, or if you live in Tierra Del Fuego or at the tippy-top of K2, you can read it here.

Surfer's Path, the "thinking (wo)man's" surf mag, does with every issue what the other surfmags do just once a year - put out a "green issue". Sourced out of Europe, with the "American issue" lead by Drew Kampion (who in the past was editor of Surfer (1968-72), Surfing (1973-82) & others), Surfer's Path is a surf mag worth your time - and not just because they spiffed me out.

Check. Surfer's. Path. Out.

Neat! Neat! Neat!