Monday, April 6, 2009

So Dang Clever...but missing the point.

Put your finger in the dike and the water/brain-belches squirts out somewhere else. File this one in the "Half-as-clever-as-they-see-themselves" circular bin... So we've established that plastics are bad - bad for you and bad for the environment, so the near-clever product specialists at bottled water companies are finding new and comical ways to sell you something (water) that you can get otherwise for free...

Aquafina has plans to produce bottles with 50% less plastic - will that make them 50% less visible as they sit in my local gutters or float around in the North Pacific Garbage Patch? Another company is so semi-clever that they have outsmarted us all by selling water in cartons! Dang, finally someone has created the ultimate product...which I believe is conventionally un-recyclable...and features one of my plastic pet peeves, an instant-trash plastic cap where a foldable top will work juuuust fine. Back to the drawing board, Einsteins!

Read about this amazing progress here!